Social Media & Personalized Learning – Blog Post #11

In this blog post, I will be reflecting upon my experience while working on the development of personal learning network. In addition to this, I will also be reflecting upon the use of social media platform in relation to the PLN and my next steps with the PLN. First, I want to emphasis on the benefits which I feel of developing a personal or professional learning network. For an instance, with PLN I can build diverse relationships and connect to my educators around the world. Second, the PLN offers me to have access to variety of tools and resources with flexibility. One of major benefits is the on-demand collaboration within the PLN.

Apart from these, PLN also helps in building a diverse or inclusive group of the network as per the requirement by which one can gain wisdom on the related subjects or topics. The use of social media with the use of PLN helps in expanding its reach and boundaries which eventually makes it an unlimited source of education. In future, I will be developing my personal learning network into a professional learning network but avoid mixing each other. In my opinion, the best way to utilize the full potential of the PLN process is to have different plans for personal and professional educational approaches. PLNs certainly makes sharing and utilization of resources possible in terms of idea or information. Hence, with the current knowledge about PLN, I am looking forward to expanding it and getting more benefits out of it in terms of learning and shaping my career.

Social Media & Personalized Learning – Blog Post #10

In the 21st century, the networking is most important aspect for the business growth as well for learning. This eventually gives rise to having a personal learning network and a suitable digital identity which not only supports professional development but also help in getting professional opportunities in the career (Nuno Ricardo & Morgado, 2018). For an instance, I myself want to develop my career into the field of finance and Information technology i.e. into a Fintech industry. However, it requires me to have knowledge about more subjects including economics. Therefore, a personal learning network is must for me for expanding my area of knowledge and developing myself with the industry. While, in terms of having the digital identity in Fintech industry.

It indicates towards building a strong network and publicize my knowledge to the employers, clients and customers of the Fintech industry. Digital identity offers variety of solutions for external agents to know about an individual. From their personal interest to their professional approaches in different fields including communities at various levels (Bouncken & Barwinski, 2021). It simply like a social identity for an individual while it also holds a potential of becoming a professional identity if used properly in a professional manner. Yes, the current PLN can be used for the professional development as PLN is all about building networks which helps in bringing more understanding about information or topic. In terms using a PLN for generating professional opportunities in your career, in my opinion it can be a way of achieving more options than using as an only source for professional opportunities. As PLN offers opportunity for collaboration with unlimited options, a common platform to share ideas or opportunity and a way to gain a new perspective by maintaining connection or network with social media platforms.


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Social Media & Personalized Learning – Blog Post #9

Question 1 -: Consider the following in your response to the questions below:

– What is media literacy?

Media Literacy related to the ability of an individual in identifying the different forms of media formats in terms of understanding the message it includes in it. The different forms of media format can be print media such as posters, pamphlets, newspaper or even magazines (Bulger & Davison, 2018). While in terms of digital media, it can include visual presentation, video, slideshows or even podcasts. While in terms of understanding the media, an individual will be identified as media literate when he/she can evaluate, critical analyze and manipulate the media as per the requirements under different media formats.
– Why is it important?

Media literacy is important as we all are living in the age of media saturation. Hence, media literacy holds utmost importance for both students, teacher and for an individual. Media is also considered as one of pillar of democracy and it is main source of receiving information about whole word events.

– Why is it dismissed?

The main reason behind dismissing the media literacy is intentional ignorance towards it as its bringing a change to the traditional method of sharing knowledge and information.  

Question 2- : Why should you aim for varied views but the factual consensus in your PLN?

When an individual is sharing an information on personal learning network. The information should be critically analyzed and evaluated on the basis of factual consensus. While one should doesn’t ignore the consideration of varied views as it help in evaluating a certain information. In this way, the PLN becomes more reliable and trustworthy among its participants.

Question 3- : Open dialogues about media literacy and factual information can create conflict, why does this happen?

 Media literacy imposes three great challenges which can create conflict during open dialogues such as investment, reaching adults and exacerbating inequalities (Smith, 2020). When on media literacy the open dialogues comes no barrier or evaluation which leads to seamless flow of data and information across the channels. Thus, it certainly will create issues with the factual information in the long run.

Question 4- : What is the benefit of having a PLN that values media literacy?

There are variety of benefits having a PLN or personal learning network that values media literacy. First, it leads the participants to be become more wise and critical thinker. It increases the engagement in the information of the participants. It opens the way of critical evaluation among the participants of the PLN. It certainly boast the proficiency and ability of the PLN participants. It helps in increasing in the process skills than content knowledge. Last, this will help the society in large as value media literacy in the PLN provides for open discussion on variety of global and local issues.  


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Week 9: PLN & Education

Explore the video provided and reflect on the themes of a PLN in a professional capacity – how does a PLN give power to messaging for an individual or community?

The PLN includes the broader aspects of the learning environment. In the professional capacity, the PLV themes include a variety of elements. First, the reflective on the shared dialogues between the participants of the PLN. Second, PLN focuses on the learning aspects of the participants. Third, it gradually improves and increases the interaction between the participants at the individual and community level. Fourth, it heightens the collaboration between the community as a whole of a PLN. Last, it helps in sharing the values and multiple norms which strengthen the PLN itself. The PLN brings out a common understanding which provides a way of progress at the individual as well as community level within the PLN.

Education occurs in so many environments beyond the classroom, how does social media help expand education and associated needed communications?

 In the modern digital environment, education has no limits and goes way beyond the traditional structure of a four-wall confined classroom. In light of the recent COVID19 pandemic, education evolved to caters to the needs of the learner in their home. In the whole process, the social media platform came out to be a beneficial way of providing the latest and sharing resources within the groups. The 24/7 availability of sharing information, brainstorming over zoom video calls and also creating and teaching interactive content while using social media additional tools. Social media expanded education in a positive way.

References :

Miller, Jesse. “EDCI 338 – BRAD BAKER.” YouTube, uploaded by MILLER, 04 Mar. 2021,

Public PLN – Balancing PLN & Public Discourse

The notable individual uses social media for sharing their life events in terms of photos, videos and location for building their network with their friends, relatives and family members. While another individual also uses social media for professional uses and that solely depends on the social media platform. Mainly notable individuals used social media to share their events for becoming famous as well as it is the trend of the internet. The personal learning network also the reason behind which pushing the notable individual to be in the public eye and get the benefits of sharing knowledge and resources with the whole group and participants of the PLN.

Although, the employer who provides online tools are comes which certain restrictions and benefits for building community. The restriction in the sense which doesn’t hamper the reputation of the whole company and benefits in terms of providing an advantage to the whole organization. With this approach, the PLN can be more reliable as restrictions can be put on public participation and pushing for connecting on the platform with signing up with verified personal information. Similarly, if somebody on the PLN sharing an incident or facts. The individual should share the link or description of the source which should be from the trusted website. Hence, it will be beneficial for everyone and also veteran storyteller which will help in minimizing the risk of sharing the misinformation and makes PLN more reliable for all.

Social Media & Personalized Learning – Blog post #6

What are the benefits of a diverse and inclusive PLN in social media sharing that understands where you are coming from with messaging that impacts the community?

The personal learning network provides great help to the learner or student to collaborate without limits. It offers the ultimate possibilities of sharing resources, ideas and educational material all around the world. While on the individual level, PLN offers a way to share your knowledge with everyone and develops a supporting system for the students. While diversity in PLN improves the overall system for the students. As, it gives students or the member connected to the particular PLN a great level of intellectual engagement, culture diversity knowledge and a high level of academic skills in terms of writing, problem-solving and critical thinking(Ekoc, 2020). The social media sharing on the PLN helps in understanding the depth of the topic which gives of variety of knowledge to the participants of the whole network. The PLN should have a sense of inclusion in it and treat the value of feedback of every member of the whole group.

Social media sharing can be the main driver in promoting the PLN and bringing the social change that one requires to see in it. However, there are certain requirements of it by which PLN can offer the same. The idea and knowledge shared on the PLN by the participants should be authentic and thoroughly analyzed within the group. In this way, the PLN not only amplifies the voices and views of participants but also engages the community for the idea or social campaign as well. The PLN can also help in the fundraising program for a noble cause and bring the attention of a large number of people towards a particular issue that is prevalent in society.



Ekoç, A., 2020. No teacher is an island: technology-assisted personal learning network (PLN) among English language teachers in Turkey. Interactive Learning Environments, pp.1-17

Minor Blog post #5 PLN IN PRACTICE

In the modern digital environment, the idea of sharing resource over the internet provides a greater advantage to an individual as well group of people. Similarly, the PLN (Personal Learning Network) can offer a digital platform which lets the students, teachers, educator and intellectual to come together and share their ideas, opinion and critical evaluation on a certain topic (Woods, 2013). Hence, in order to build a strong PLN, the use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Mobile Applications on health & education and technology is necessary which helps the group of people to come together and learn together. I myself feel motivated to share my ideas and opinion with you all to refine my knowledge on the variety of subjects for research and additional information purposes.

In order to emerge as a leader for leading the space on a PLN and raising my profile. I will focus on a variety of benefits that PLN will offer to its participants. First, I

Image result for Personal learning network

will like to educate my audience on the importance of PLN in the current digital education world. Second, the risk and rewards of using public communication while remaining in touch with a PLN. Last, how to unlock the greater side of PLN’s potential by engaging in terms of sharing and refining the ongoing debate on the platform.


Woods, Bianca. “Building your own PLN: seeking new insights and ideas? Expand your personal learning network.” T+D, vol. 67, no. 11, Nov. 2013, p. 70+. Gale


Reflective Blog post #2 Digital Identity

  • What is a digital identity?

Digital identity can be explained as the footprint of an individual or an organization over the internet. It can be related to their web activities including profile over social media, bloggers or over streaming services like YouTube (Stoller). Digital identity holds great potential especially for individual who create, design and share their creativity. One can also understand it as becoming a participant of the digital world in which everyone collaborates just like the real world in a way of sharing and creating information. In a way, one can approach by tracking the digital identity of an individual for providing work or hiring a professional on the basis of their online work.

Digital Identity Source : LinkedIn

Digital Identity Source: LinkedIn

  • How do personal versus professional approaches to digital identity affect social media use?


Social media offers a variety of options to keep or create differences in personal and professional digital identity. However, one can easily mix both and affect their digital identity in the long and short term as well. In terms of personal approaches to the digital identity, one can share their trips, likes or dislikes on the basis of their personal interest (Oliveira and Lina). While in the professional capacity one restricts itself to more vocal about their personal interest and focus on the professional approaches while framing their digital identity.  Hence, personal versus professional approaches to digital identity affect the way of interacting with social media.


  • How do digital identities converge in networked public?


Digital identities certainly converge in networked public especially due to the search engine keywords. As an individual, when one create and share things on social media. It can easily be found on public domains. Although social media websites offer great help in restricting their user content for the public, still hiding everything on social media takes away the main objective of the platform. Therefore, digital identities mostly converge in networked public in a great way and changing the discourse of the general public by studying the digital identities of masses.


  • What are the impacts and/or benefits? – Can a digital wallet provide trust in networked public?


In the modern digital payment system, the digital wallet is becoming important and providing a quick and easy way to the networked public for payment. There are many benefits of using the digital wallet such as quick and easy pay, low authorization, loading as per needs and also easily accessible through smartphone or wearables. However, there is a certain impact of the digital wallet as well which diminishing its benefits. Due to less security, it becomes an easy target for hackers to gain access to an individual backend personal information of their original payment method. Hence, one needs to remain careful while using a digital wallet in a public network.


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Reflective Blog post #1

What does it mean to the network using social media?
In the modern digital world, it’s become common to have a network using social media and the current pandemic situation due to COVID-19 also give a great boost to the same. Social media offers an internet-based platform which helps in getting connected with friends, family and relatives from anywhere in the world. It can provide a variety of purposes such as social and business (Hensel et al. 87). Networking through social media means a lot as one can search and relate to a group of people who shares a common interest or opinion on a cause. Thus, building social media networking provide a great feasible and more connectivity to an individual. However, it affects the relationship in longer terms.

How are we motivated to participate in networked public?
In order to motivate towards participating in networked public, there is a variety of motivation to the general public. First, the independent platform for sharing information and opinion about any cause. Second, the less knowledge about the working of networked public and get motivated to use the free platform which connects multiple devices to a network without permission (Wang 662). Last, the networked public offers a large number of audience which seems attracted to the general public who are in search of the indirect public for sharing their information or opinion.

What are the risks & rewards of public communications?
The public communication offers both risk and rewards due to wide implications over society. In terms of rewards, it offers a free- information sharing platform to the users and let them have a large number of the audience (Burris 851). While in terms of risks, one can take advantage of a large number of connected devices to steal information and data. Therefore, one should carefully use public communications as it can be rewarding and risky at the same time.


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Social Media & Personalized Learning – week 4 Blog post #3


What digital platforms are students currently using to develop their professional network?

In order to develop their professional network, students are mostly using to main social media network which is LinkedIn and Facebook. However, one can approach to building a network by utilizing the potential of another digital platform like YouTube and Instagram. Although, the most important platform is LinkedIn only which provides great help in building a network with people on the basis of your educational and professional details. In this way, one can, directly and indirectly, connect with an individual who once was in their physical network from school time to their college. Additionally, in their professional working space as well.

• What can you (as a student) consider to expand your professional learning network?

It is necessary to expand professional learning network and as a student one can utilize the potential of the available digital platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and even Twitter. However, the expansion of the professional network can only work when an individual knows the purpose and direction to network. After that, the student or even in my approach I will start connecting and adding myself to groups of people which eventually helps me in adding a new member to my professional learning network. Thus, to expand the professional learning network I consider utilization of digital platform available and also looking for an emerging digital platform which supports community-building process like YouTube as well.

• In your network, how can you create a digital identity/reputation?

The digital identity or reputation related to the digital footprint of my online approach to different platform or websites. Thus, I can create a digital identity on the basis of the application or websites which I use to build my reputation. For an instance, if I want to create a digital identity in terms of creating art or photography. I can start sharing images and photography related website material over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Additionally, if I want to grow my network I can also make videos on YouTube and share with my subscribers. In this way, I can create a digital identity within my network.

• Consider what a local employer would do if you applied for a job with them – can they search the content, is it of benefit to the career path, does it hinder the opportunity of employment?

It is unlikely that a local employer for which I applied for a job started searching for my digital identity. However, if I share my own website address related to my digital identity. Then, they can search for the content. Yes, if my digital identity is similar to the job which I am applying with the local employer. It will certainly benefit the career path and does not hinder my opportunity of employment.

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